Save time with perfectly planned routes by Circuit.

Cut down on failed deliveries, wrong turns and traffic jams.
Circuit plans routes and automatically sends them to your drivers in an app they love. Track route progress and make changes in just a few clicks.

Drivers at 500+ companies already rely on Circuit daily



3 million

deliveries per month


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Save time with automatic route planning.

How businesses save time with Circuit

Reliable ETAs

Arrival times at each stop are automatically updated based on current traffic conditions when routes are optimized by Circuit.

Avoid traffic

Circuit predicts traffic conditions throughout the day and  keeps your drivers out of it.

Meet customer needs

From priorities to time-sensitive deliveries or pickups, Circuit can take into account any requirements your customers might have.

Realtime tracking

Stay on top of your business with live route progress and driver locations throughout their day.

The easiest way to manage your drivers.

Why drivers love Circuit

Adapts instantly

Circuit creates routes in the morning and keeps them up to date throughout the day. Whether drivers are ahead, behind or deviating, they'll always have the best route for their current situation.

All in one

Information shouldn't be scattered across multiple paper documents and apps. Circuit gives drivers a one-stop-shop for their manifest, instructions, route order and navigation.

Familiar navigation

Different drivers prefer different navigation apps. Circuit works hand in hand with what works best for them - Google Maps, Waze, or anything else.

Set up in a few minutes today.
Save hours tomorrow.